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Down Payment Assistance Program

Many families who desire to improve their lifestyle by purchasing quality, affordable manufactured housing have difficulty qualifying for conventional bank financing. That’s why we offer our down payment assistance program. Qualified homebuyers may receive up to $2500.00 in down payment assistance with a minimum of 5% down payment of the purchase price. Homebuyers qualifications are thoroughly verified including employment, income and credit history.

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Financing Options

In addition we have partnered with other industry leaders like Santiago Communities, Inc. to offer a unique “second-chance” financing option which gives qualified families the opportunity to purchase a home and re-establish their good credit at the same time.

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Grant Programs

ACL has received State and Federal Grants to help low-income families. Grants funds may be available to qualified residents for:

  • Home repair and/or home replacement
  • Down payment assistance of up to $100,000 or 40% of the purchase price
  • Handicap improvements for veterans (see
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Move–In Rent Subsidies

Another opportunity to help qualified homebuyers is space rent subsidies. This lower rent during the first several months after moving in allows the homeowner to adjust. Space rent is slowly increased over time.

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Rent Relief

Job loss, fixed income reductions, disability, medical problems and economic challenges can create temporary hardships for homeowners. That’s why we created our space rent relief program. Homeowners can apply for and receive temporary rent relief based on their specific need. They must provide a written request and proof of hardship which is verified.

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Veterans Affordable Housing Program

Veterans who are living on fixed incomes need financial aid to subsidize their home costs of living. Others need wheelchair ramps or better handicap access in their bathrooms or kitchens.

Veterans need affordable housing. Those who would like to buy a home may need down payment assistance and/or move-in rent subsidies to help them qualify to achieve their American dream of home ownership.

Affordable Community Living owns and/or is affiliated with 33 manufactured home communities in California and makes benefits available to qualified veterans currently living in or those who desire to buy a home in our communities.

Our Community Programs

Many community enrichment programs are provided or planned for our residents subject to available funding. Because each community is unique with specific needs, a community survey is used to assess community needs. Programs and services are developed based on the results of the survey usually with no or low cost to residents. Most programs are supported by a combination of paid corporate staff and park managers together with volunteers from the park and surrounding community. Current and planned community programs include;

Food Food
Adopt-A–Family program Adopt-A–Family program
After school programs for kids including: safe homework zones, computer tutoring After school programs for kids including: safe homework zones, computer tutoring
Movie nights Movie nights
Holiday parties Holiday parties
Bible Studies Bible Studies
Neighborhood watch programs Neighborhood watch programs
Adult crafts nights Adult crafts nights
Potluck dinners Potluck dinners
Recreation ie; senior exercise classes, junior basketball teams Recreation ie; senior exercise classes, junior basketball teams
Chaplain Services Chaplain Services

Our Partners

Santiago Communities, Inc. is our management service company.


Other partners who can provide support services and programs to our communities are engaged based on community needs.

American Veterans Assistance Group

ACL partners with AVAG who directly assist veterans with home subsidies, down payment assistance, rent subsidies as well as participation in Federal Grant programs.